The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential

In collaboration with

University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj - Napoca and

University of Antwerp, coordinator of the DAFFODIL EU Project


First Announcement


The 31st ICELP International Workshops -Europe

Headed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein

July 4 to 15, 2010



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The Learning Potential Assessment Device: LPAD Level 1;

LPAD Level 2; LPAD Basic (Young Children)

July 4-15, 2010

Cognitive Intervention Programs via Instrumental Enrichment:
Level 1 and Level 2

July 4-15, 2010

IE Trainers Level 1 and Level 2, IE Basic Trainers

July 4-15, 2010

Instrumental Enrichment for Young Children (IE Basic 1)

July 4-15, 2010

Renewal seminar for IE trainers

July 4 - 9, 2010

Mediated Learning Experience for Clinicians

July 4-  9, 2010

Instrumental Enrichment for Young Children 2 (IE-Basic 2)

JULY 4-  9, 2010

Tactile IE: Children with Sensory, Attention and Vision problems

JULY 12-15 2010



Sunday July 4

Commencing 15:00



Monday July 5 to 




Friday July 9

8:30 to 18:30



Saturday July 10




Sunday   July 11




Monday July 12 to




Thursday July 15

8:30 to 18:30




University Babes-Bolyai,

Cluj-Napoca, Romania 400084









ICELP International Workshop Hotline

Phone +972-2-569-3304

Fax +972-3-542-6620




Welcome! To be a teacher or therapist in today’s environment is more challenging than ever before.  More discipline problems, more special needs students, more student diversity, more time pressures – more of everything.  Today’s practitioner needs a new solution, one that offers better tools to effect meaningful change.

Fifty years ago, and fifty years ahead of his time, Professor Reuven Feuerstein made the radical claim that everyone, no matter what their situation or disability, can change – and change dramatically.  More than any other cognitive program, the Feuerstein method has withstood the test of time.  For half a century, tens of thousands of children from all over the world and from every walk of life have undergone dramatic transformations in their learning potential through the Feuerstein method.


The Feuerstein approach is rooted in Professor Feuerstein’s unique theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) and the implementation of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE), a powerful combination that provides the framework for the practitioner to help the child unlock his or her often-hidden potential.


The ICELP International Workshops introduce educators, psychologists and other specialists to the theory and hands-on practice of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) and Mediated Learning Experience, as well as the use of dynamic assessment (assessing a child’s ultimate potential rather than his/her mere current ability) and Instrumental Enrichment intervention.

Practitioners will learn with the world’s leading specialists of the Feuerstein method.  They will leave the workshops with concrete knowledge of these methods and the ability to use them with confidence to help their student or clients.  They will benefit from the experience acquired through the decades of clinical work and educational observation that has shown us the exact nature and quality of the interaction between the child and the practitioner that brings about the most meaningful change.

ICELP annual workshops have been providing exceptional training for more than a quarter-century.  This year’s annual workshop will enable you to follow in the footsteps of practitioners from dozens of countries who are now seeing transformative changes in the children they help.

This year the workshops are hosted by the University Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The University Babes-Bolyai is the biggest public university in Romania with 50,000 students in various undergraduate and graduate programs, including Education and Psychology. This is a truly multicultural university with the majority of courses taught in Romanian, Hungarian and German. The Pro-rector of the university Professor Dr. Stefan Szamoskozi is a dedicated supporter of the Feuerstein approach; for many years he has promoted this approach in his university and in Romania in general. The workshops will take place in a modern instructional building a short walk from the University Hotel and Student Dormitories. Meals will be served in the dining room near the instructional building. Cluj-Napoca has an international airport with direct flights from London, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Budapest, Bucharest and some other European cities.





Workshop Registration


For information and registration please contact the International Workshops Office at the ICELP:

ICELP, POB 7755, Jerusalem 91077, Israel.

Tel: 972-2-5693304;

Fax +972-3-542-6620;


·       Applicants for LPAD courses, IE 2, IE-Basic-2, and all Trainers courses are reminded to send documentation of prerequisite training and experience.

·               Full attendance of training activities is required including the evaluation session on July 15.

Certificates will be given at the end of the workshops on July 15 at 18:00


Workshop Tuition Fees


·         LPAD-1: Euro 1,400

·         LPAD-2, LPAD-Basic: Euro 1,500

·         IE-1, IE-2, IE-Basic 1: Euro 1,300

·         IE Trainers-1, Trainers-2, Trainers IE Basic: Euro 1,300

·         IE-Basic 2: Euro 750

·         Renewal seminar, Tactile IE: Euro 550

·         MLE for clinicians: Euro 750

ICELP reserves the right to cancel any workshop that has fewer than 10 participants registered. In case of cancellation by ICELP, tuition fees will be fully reimbursed.

·       Tuition fees can be paid by bank (cashier’s) check, bank transfer, or by international credit card (No personal checks are accepted)

·       Early registration discount of 10% for tuition fees paid before April 2, 2010.

·       Deadline for workshop registration: June 1, 2010. After this date, applicants may be accepted depending on availability of workshop places, subject to payment of a workshop fee surcharge of 5%.


Special Stipends for East European Participants


A limited number of partial stipends are available for participants from East European countries who wish to attend the following courses: IE-1, IE-2, IE-Basic-1, IE-Basic 2. The tuition fees after reduction of the stipend are: for IE-1, IE-2, & IE-Basic-1 - 550 Euro, for IE-Basic 2 - 400 Euro.


 EU Stipends


The 2010 summer courses in Feuerstein’s Structural Cognitive Modifiability, Instrumental Enrichment & Mediated Learning Experience and Learning Potential assessment, organized jointly by the Babes-Bolyai university (host institution),  International Centre for the Enhancement of Learning Potential , Jerusalem , provider of course programme and materials;  and the University of Antwerp( Belgium)  have been recognized by the European Union Life Long Learning Programme as a professional post-graduate training


   References in the Comenius-Grundtvig  Catalogue :

Type exactly: BE-2010-135-001

 (for the course “ Instrumental Enrichment :  Activating learning processes: Feuerstein's Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience Theory and the Instrumental Enrichment Programme")

Or BE-2010-136-001 for the course LPAD “Evaluating learning Potential”, Evaluating learning potential: Feuerstein's Learning Propensity Assessment Device based on Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience Theory


Procedure of application

Applicants who are working in kindergarten, primary or secondary schools or in adult education as a teacher or other professionals (e.g. educational psychologists, counsellors, therapists), and who are residents of the European Union (except Romanians) and EFTA countries, may apply for a Comenius 2.2c (In-service teacher training) or Grundtvig 3 (Adult education) grant to their respective National Life-Long Learning Programme LLP Agencies ( NA).  Romanian citizens are not entitled to this EU Comenius Grant because these are only meant to go abroad.


Accommodation and meals



·         A very attractive accommodation and meals package will be available for participants staying at the University hotel and student dormitories with full board (3 meals) prices starting at  35 euro per person per day  in a double room.

·         Instructions for booking will be provided in the Second Announcement.



·         For low-cost flights to Cluj-Napoca check




Registration Form for 31st International ICELP Workshops - Europe


Send this form to: International Workshops-Europe, POB 7755, Jerusalem 91077, Israel
+972-3-542-6620 Email:


Name of the course






First name:












Postal code:




Home:                        Office:                       Mobile:








Highest educational attainment: [mark one]

Teacher Certificate









Place of work



Previous LPAD or/and IE training (course and year)



Context in which you use (or plan to use) LPAD/IE methods:

Authorized IE Training Center


Training programs for adults


Medical setting

Psychological services

Private educational practice

Private clinical practice


Full attendance of training activities is required. Evaluations will be carried out and certificates of attendance given at the end of the workshops on July 15 at 18:00.




Payment of Tuition Fees


Option 1:  Bank Transfer

Bank transfer to ICELP, account number 206865, Bank Hapoalim, 3 Avizohar St, Jerusalem, Israel. Bank number: 12, Branch number: 694 Swift code: poalilit. IBAN: IL126940000000206865

Participants/organizations who choose to make payment via bank transfer must fax to ICELP (fax: 972-3-5426620) a copy of the transfer confirmation including the following details:



Name of your bank and the date of transfer




Name of the person or organization making transfer




Name of the workshop participant







Option 2: Bank Check

Your bank check should be made payable to "ICELP" and mailed to International Workshops-Europe 2010, POB 7755, Jerusalem 91077, Israel



Name of the person or organization making payment




Name of the workshop participant




Check number and name of bank







Option 3: International Credit Card

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. Please state which card you are using:




Name of card-holder as it appears on the card




Name of the workshop participant




Card number




Card expiry date




Security number on the back of the card




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